Thank you for choosing Premier Oncology Hematology Associates in Merrillville. Our team of exceptionally educated and compassionate healthcare professionals uses the latest innovative technologies to diagnose and treat different cancers and blood disorders. Our mission is to provide you with access to the latest research-based care and treatment, along with the compassion you deserve.

At Premier Oncology Hematology, our patients always receive an individualized physician consultation. After meeting with you and establishing mutual goals, our physicians develop a cancer treatment plan with a foundation in the most current research. Our commitment to the continuing education of our physicians and staff enables us to provide you with the best possible care — right at home.

We consider caring for others an honor and personally make the following commitments to your care:

  • Provide top-notch, quality, compassionate care
  • Offer a positive environment of warmth and hope
  • Optimize the quality of life with individualized personal care based on the best science
  • Participate in clinical trials offering our patients access to the latest therapies
  • Employ technology to promote patient safety and information access