Understanding Your Treatment Days

When you arrive for your chemotherapy treatment or other type of infusion, we ask that you check in with the front desk staff. Most likely you will have blood drawn before going to the treatment area. Checking your blood, to see how strong your blood counts are, will be done on multiple occasions. These blood counts will be reviewed by your physician or nurse practitioner, to determine if your body is strong enough to receive your treatment. If your counts are not adequate, your treatment will be postponed a day or two while you receive special medication or while you take a few days off to help make your blood counts stronger.

The amount of time you spend in the treatment area can vary depending on your treatment. Depending on the medications ordered for you, treatments can range anywhere from 1/2 hour to six hours. Please ask your nurse for specific information about the length of your treatment.

Snacks, juices, coffee and water are available for you during your time in the treatment area. If you are scheduled for a long treatment, you may want to bring a lunch and additional snacks. You are also welcome to bring your own comfort items such as blankets, pillows, CD players with headphones, your laptop, cell phone, portable games, cards, magazines, or your favorite book. A family member or friend is more than welcome to stay with you during your treatment. Because of the risk for infection to some of our patients, pets are not allowed in the office or treatment area.